Indian police accuse Chinese telcos of funding investigated by Indian news portal . Police accuse Chinese

Indian police accuse Chinese telcos of funding investigated by Indian news portal . Police accuse Chinese

Indian police have formally accused Chinese smartphone makers Xiaomi Corp and Vivo Mobile of helping transfer funds illegally to a news portal under investigation . The allegations were laid out in a police complaint that was filed on Aug . It was shared with lawyers for people named in the complaint on Friday days after officers raided NewsClicks New Delhi office and journalists homes then arrested its foundereditor Prabir Purkayastha and a senior administrative official .

Media rights and opposition groups in India have said the investigation into NewsClick and surrounding accusations are part of a crackdown on the press a charge dismissed by the government . A Xiaomi India spokesperson strongly denied the accusation .

A spokesperson from Vivo did not respond immediately to repeated requests for comment nor did the NewsClick news portal which has denied all wrongdoing in the past . The police document did not go into further detail about how the information had been learned or say what steps the police were now considering .

It did not specify what steps they are now considering or how the allegations were made . Ties between India and China have nosedived since a military clash on their disputed Himalayan border tensions have since reduced after several rounds of military and diplomatic talks have been reduced after a series of diplomatic talks between the two countries have since been reduced to an earlier version of this article .

Tensions have since dissipated in recent months. New Delhi says relations cannot return to normal until there is a complete disengagement and deescalation and de-escalation between New Delhi and New Delhi . New Delhi say New Delhi said New Delhi. New India says relations between the border tensions cannot return after several round of diplomatic and diplomatic negotiations between the .

border tensions are between New York and Beijing. New New Delhi saying relations cannot be restored after several .


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