Xi Xi meeting in November ‘a possibility’, Biden says . Xi meeting

Xi Xi meeting in November ‘a possibility’, Biden says . Xi meeting

The White House is working to arrange a facetoface meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping next month in San Francisco . But Biden and US officials cautioned that the time and location of a meeting and items for discussion have not been nailed down .

US officials see a meeting as essential to help cool a relationship that has grown testy in recent years with tensions rising over Taiwan and a Chinese military buildup in the South China Sea . Relations further downward spiraled early this year when a Chinese balloon which US officials called a sophisticated surveillance balloon flew over the U.

S. and was ultimately shot down by a US fighter jet . The potential for a BidenXi summit was among the topics of discussions when White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan met in Malta last month with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi . Biden and Xi last met in on the sidelines of a G summit on the Bali resort island of Bali last month .

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that plans for the San Francisco summit were pretty firm. There is no such meeting set up but it is a possibility Biden told reporters after making remarks about the US economy on Friday at the White House on Friday .

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said last month that she had traveled to China this year to discuss the potential for the summit . The meeting was to be discussed. The meeting is scheduled to be a meeting.

The summit is scheduled for September 1, 2014. The Washington State. The San Francisco. The US. to be scheduled for October 1, 2013. The American. to October 2, 2015.


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