3 Ukrainian drones downed over Moscow: Russia defence ministry . Russia: Russia’s defence ministry

3 Ukrainian drones downed over Moscow: Russia defence ministry . Russia: Russia’s defence ministry

Three Ukrainian drones were downed over Moscow early on Sunday morning . One of the drones was shot down on the city’s outskirts . Two more were suppressed by electronic warfare and smashed into an office complex . Moscow and its environs lying about kilometres from the Ukrainian border had been rarely targeted during the conflict in Ukraine until several drone attacks this year .

The attack reported on Sunday is the latest in a series of recent drone assaults including on the Kremlin and Russian towns near the border with Ukraine that Moscow has blamed on Kyiv . Earlier this month a volley of drone attacks briefly disrupted air traffic at the same airport to the citys southwest .

The attacks on Moscow come several weeks into a Ukrainian counteroffensive to claw back territory captured by Russia since largescale hostilities erupted in February . On the other side of the border a Russian strike killed two people in the southern city of Zaporizhzhia on Saturday authorities said .

On Friday Russia said it had intercepted two missiles over its southern Rostov region bordering Ukraine with at least people wounded by debris falling on Taganrog with debris falling in an unpopulated area . In early July a Russian drone attack hit an apartment building in the same city killing three and wounding three and wounded .

In April a Russian Drone attack killed three people in an attack on the same apartment building . In July a drone attack on an apartment in the city of the same building in early July . In late July aRussian drone attack in the similar city killed in the area.

In late June a Russian attack. In mid-July a Russian Drones attack. The Russian drone attacks. In early September a Russian missile attack. Russia said to have intercepted two people killed. In September, the Russian drone. in the region of the .


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