4 CTD men held for kidnap, murder of doctor over ‘honour’ in

4 CTD men held for kidnap, murder of doctor over ‘honour’ in

Four officials of Faisalabad Counter Terrorism Department CTD arrested for kidnap and murder of a doctor . Dr Muhammad Umar was present at his Amna Medicare Hospital located in Oadh Plaza at Waryamwala when four men in a car arrived there and told the security guard on duty that one of them was sick and needs treatment .

Four men overpowered the guard and forced him to knock at the door of Dr Umars office . As soon as Dr Umar opened the door the intruders overpowered him and bundled him into their car and sped away . Later Rescue divers retrieved the body from TrimmuSidhnai Link Canal after hectic efforts .

A man died and four members of his family were seriously wounded when their car overturned on MIII motorway between Samundri and Rajana interchanges on Saturday morning . Meanwhile in another accident on MIV motorway late on Friday night a child died when a van hit a truck near Abdul Hakim interchange in Khanewal Rescue Rescue officials said the driver dosed off and the car plunged into fields along the motorway .

The police have added section of the PPC to the kidnap FIR to the kidnapping FIR to kidnapping FIR. The Police have also arrested the main suspect Shurjeelurur Rehman a Faisarabad CTD official through geofencing and using modern technology. The police also arrested his three accomplices.

The suspect told police that Dr Ubar had allegedly kidnapped the suspect . The suspect. He said that Dr Umar had allegedly killed Dr Umara. He had allegedly murdered the doctor. He was kidnapped the doctor and his wife. He killed his wife and his mother.

He and his father. The victim. Dr Umari.


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