Agriculture: Squabbling over Sindh’s RBODs maintenance . Sindh

Agriculture: Squabbling over Sindh’s RBODs maintenance . Sindh

The Right Bank Master Plan RBMP to deal with flood management issues mainly in Sindh on the Indus Rivers right bank is being discussed at the federal level under the Federal Flood Commission FFC umbrella . The RBMP would manage floodwaters from KohiSuleman Kirthar mountain range and other hilly terrain streams .

Floods have wreaked havoc in the right bank areas of Sindh and Balochistan as experienced in . Over a decade ago the super floods caused similar colossal economic losses as well as infrastructural damages worth billions of rupees . Sindh has had issues of trust with Wapda for a long time given mega projects like RBOD and the Left Bank Outfall Drain and their subsequent fallouts .

The FFC is tasked by the federal government to coordinate and collaborate with stakeholders probably because of the perennial discord between Wapdas and Sindh. Sindh have had problems with the Wapdan . It was decided that concept papers would be submitted for the FFC to review by July this month to review the RBMP by July .

The Sindh government is executing RBODII and its cost has been revised twice over the last years while the project remains incomplete despite successive cost overruns . It alluded to reconstruction work under SFERP on the Johi Branch canal aqueduct in Dadu Manchhar Lakes embankment on the Ji Branch Canal aquestuct inDadu Manhhar Lakes .

It is also alluded to reconstruct work on the Jinan canal aquestment in the Dadu . The Jinan Canal aqueduction in Dadus River embankments of the Jininahahahat .


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