Asad Qaiser calls for end to ‘propaganda’ against PT

Asad Qaiser calls for end to ‘propaganda’ against PT

Asad Qaiser called for an end to what he called was ongoing propaganda against his party . He urged for powerful quarters to ensure free and fair elections in the country . He said there were illegal and unlawful crackdowns under way against the PTI and it was being deprived of its constitutional right to freedom of expression and political activity within the law .

He questioned whether the alleged ploy to keep the party out of the upcoming elections would bring stability to the country. He stressed the rule of the law was important if the countrys rulers wanted it to progress. Qaizer questioned the incumbent governments performance and questioned whether it had managed to tackle inflation and improved governance during its tenure.

He said it was the right of the people to bring a party into power or force it out adding that only the nation will decide whether the nation would decide whether to bring the PTi chairman back to power or someone else . He added that the nation should decide whether it should bring thePTI Chairman Imran Khan back into power.

The more negative propaganda they are doing the more the PTT is becoming popular he said as he criticised the incumbent government’s performance. Show us one sector in which we can say the PDM has shown good performance. We are not able to say the PMD has shown a good performance, we have shown good.

We want to be able to provide a good leadership. We need to give a good example. We have a good enough. We’ve got a good time. We don’t want to give our good time, we’re not to give it back. We’re not to get back into our own.


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