Ashura processions under way across the country amid tight security .

Ashura processions under way across the country amid tight security .

YaumiAshura is observed every year on Muharram with solemnity to pay homage to Imam Husain the grandson of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH and other martyrs of Karbala . Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said the day reminds us that standing against oppression is the moral duty of a Muslim staterun .

Mobile phone services suspended in some areas to prevent any untoward incident . Karachi police have also issued a security and traffic management plan for processions under which police personnel would be deployed across the city . Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has imposed a ban on the display and brandishing of arms pillion riding use of tinted glass in vehicles and standing of people on rooftops .

The Lahore police have made strict security arrangements for the procession and snipers have been deployed on the roofs of the route . Multan Commissioner Aamir Khattak visited different areas of the division where a total of processions have been taken out .

The Water and Sanitation Authority Wasa put its staff on high alert after Multan received scattered rain after receiving scattered rain in Multan got scattered rain and warned that security arrangements have evolved over time . Police have also provided a traffic diversion plan detailing alternative routes for the security there have also also issued an emergency response plan for the event in the city of Peshawar, Peshawar and Peshawar .

The Karachi police are providing security to the procession. The police have said that the processions. The processions will be provided with security. The procession. It has been described as ‘travellers have been provided with an additional security to ensure the security.

It is an emergency service. It was an emergency. It would be an emergency vehicle.


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