At least 8 killed as van carrying tourists plunges into ravine in GB’

At least 8 killed as van carrying tourists plunges into ravine in GB’

A van carrying tourists plunged into a ravine near Babusar Pass in the Diamer district of GilgitBaltistan . At least eight people including a child were killed and nine others were injured in the accident . The injured included four women, four children and a man .

Earlier this month six people were killed earlier this month when a bus carrying tourists fell into a . ravine on the Karakoram Highway near the Thalichi area in GB . Previously five tourists were killed in two traffic accidents in GBs Hunza and another crashed into a mountain .

Ramshackle highways lax safety measures and . reckless driving contribute to Pakistans dire road safety record . Passenger buses are frequently crammed to capacity and seatbelts are not commonly worn or simply nonexistent meaning high death tolls from singlevehicle accidents are common .

According to the World Health Organisation estimates more than people were … or simply simply nonexistent in . accidents are often killed on Pakistan roads in and around the world. More than people are killed on the roads in Pakistan. Ramshackle highways lax Safety Measures and reckless driving contributed to the country’s dire road Safety record.


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