China slams ‘malicious hype’ over Qin Gang’s dismissal as

China slams ‘malicious hype’ over Qin Gang’s dismissal as

Foreign minister Qin Gang was removed from his position on Tuesday after just days on the job . Qin has been scrubbed from the foreign ministrys website with searches for his name yielding no results . Beijing has offered no explanation for Qins dismissal nor why he has not been seen in public for more than a month .

He has been replaced by Wang Yi a veteran diplomat who served as foreign minister before Qin and who outranked him in the Chinese government hierarchy . The foreign ministry website will be updated in a timely manner in accordance with relevant management regulations, a spokeswoman said .

A screengrab of the website listing the names of previous ministers does not seem to show Qin Gangs name although Wang Yis name is present . The website is currently listed as present. Previous articles about his diplomatic appearances showed a message saying the page does not exist or has been deleted.

The website does not appear to be to be updated. The Foreign Ministry website will also be updated to the website will not be updated at any point in accordance. Please have a look after the website is updated at least once it is updated. Please Have a look at the website to see Qins’s name is available.

The foreign Ministry website is present. The Chinese government has not responded to any requests for information from the Foreign Ministry has not provided an explanation for any information regarding Qins has been made available. It has not stated that Qin has not said that he has been removed from any information.

It does not provide an explanation. We have not provided any information about any information that has been provided. We do not provide any further information. We are not providing an explanation of any information directly. We apologise for any errors.

We apologize for any error.


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