Coe expects ‘best-ever’ world championships in Budapest . Coe

Coe expects ‘best-ever’ world championships in Budapest . Coe

Sebastian Coe says next months world championships could be the best of all time in terms of performance . Coe is confident there will be big crowds in Budapest to witness the action . The event is being held in a purposebuilt stadium in an area of Budapest that Coe hopes will benefit economically just as parts of east London did from the Olympics .

Nigerian world record sprint hurdler Tobi Amusan facing a ban after missing three whereabouts appointments . The vast majority of athletes who are not cheating have no problem with the whereabouts system he said. The issue is very simple. Theyre asked to identify for one hour a day where theyre going to be and I really dont think that that is brain surgery.

I accept that things can change but you have the opportunity to go online and explain where you will be. Every athlete I know takes this seriously. I think that it really isnt that complicated. Its all part of what I want the world championships to ultimately start heading towards a tighter faster rhythm.

The Athletics Integrity Unit taking the politics out has created systems that are doing what they were supposed to do Coe remarked. The same athletes are posting every hour of the day. It really is not a complicated. Im sorry it really am sorry. It lends confidence.

Every athletes I know take this seriously, Im sorry. I am sorry it is not complicated. I’m not sorry. Im Sorry it really arent that simple. It is not that complicated’t that complicated, I think it’s not a simple. I’m sorry. The athletics Integrity Unit’Scoe’.

It’re not a convenient. I want it.


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