‘Cruelty to child’ section added to FIR against civil judge�

‘Cruelty to child’ section added to FIR against civil judge�

Capital police have added a new section to the maid torture case against the wife of a civil judge . Police officers confirmed to Dawn that section A cruelty to a child had been added to the FIR . Experts suggest adding sections related to attempted murder fracturing bone deep wounds breaking teeth and hiring underage as maid .

The judge and his wife should also stand trial under the Labour Act for employing an underage as a maid. The girls condition is critical and she is struggling for her life at the ICU of a hospital in Lahore. The police team also inquired from the father if he was willing to compromise with the accused and pardon her and her husband.

However he categorically refused he said. In their social media accounts the capital police claimed that its team had got the statement of the girl and her father . The police also said child labour was a crime and if anyone had any information about it should inform the police.

The Police also said that if anyone has any information regarding it they should inform them about it. The girl had also said the police also claimed that the girl’s statement was recorded by the girl. However they recorded the girls father Manga Khan he added.

The case also warrants section iii or E v and Uas the girl had suffered fracture of bones with her two teeth broken. The judge had suffered fractures of bones. She had suffered fractured of bones . The girls had suffered broken. She has suffered fracture to her teeth with her teeth.

The father had suffered. The daughter had suffered . The girl. The victim had suffered from her teeth . The case. The child had suffered of fracture of injuries. It was described to have suffered from an injury. She suffered from the girl . The victim.


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