Denmark to tighten border control after Holy Quran desecrations . Denmark’s border control tightened

Denmark to tighten border control after Holy Quran desecrations . Denmark’s border control tightened

AntiIslam activists in Denmark and Sweden have desecrated several copies of the holy book in recent months inciting outrage in the Muslim world . Tighter border controls will initially be in place until August following a similar decision by Sweden earlier in the week .

Both governments have condemned the desecrations and said they are considering new laws that could stop them . But domestic critics say any such decisions would undermine freedom of speech that is protected in their constitutions . The decision to tighten border controls with more checks of travellers arriving in Denmark follows a similar move by Sweden .

The recent Holy Quran burnings have as the security police have said affected the current security situation Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard said in a statement . The Danish ministry said in the statement that it is necessary at this time to increase the focus on who is entering Denmark in order to respond to the specific and current threats the Danish Ministry of Safety and Customs officers are working to tighten the tighter border controls until August it said on Thursday .

The tightest border controls are expected to be in effect until the end of the month of August . It is unclear whether they will remain in place in Denmark until August when they are in place for a further period of time when they will be in force until they are back in place of a further inspection of the Danish authorities are working on their work.

The Danish authorities have said they will continue to work on this period of operations. It is not available to provide further information to ensure that they are available to clarify that they do not provide any further information on any further further information about this information to the Danish security and procedures are available for any further time of this time of the following period of this month.

It has not been available to comment on this time.


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