ECP suspends Imran’s arrest warrants ‘for time being’

ECP suspends Imran’s arrest warrants ‘for time being’

Election Commission of Pakistan ECP suspends arrest warrants for Imran Khan in contempt case . Imran appeared before the election watchdog in July for the first time since August last year . Imran and Asad Umar were accused of using intemperate language against the chief election commissioner and the electoral watchdog .

The three had challenged the ECP notices and contempt proceedings in various high courts on the grounds that Section of the Elections Act which is the statutory provision regarding the commissions power to punish for contempt was against the Constitution .

The matter had now been adjourned until August for framing of charges against Imran Chaudhry and Umar . The Supreme Court had allowed the commission to continue proceedings against the PTI leaders in January but in January the Supreme Court allowed them to continue their proceedings against Imran Umar and Imran Choudhry last year and on June the commission had decided to frame charges against the trio .

The case is still pending further proceedings against them again in the Supreme Council of Justice Muhammad Ali Khan’s office in Lahore, Lahore and his wife and other members of the Pakistan National Election Election Commission Lahore. The case was adjourned in Islamabad.

The Commission of Justice Ali Ahmed Khan’s office and his office was closed on Monday, but he was found guilty of contempt of unlawful conduct of contempt. The ECP has been accused of criminal conduct of criminal misconduct by the NAB. The NAB has been closed on October 1.

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