FIA summons four bureaucrats to appear in court for money laundering probe . Money laundering FIA summons

FIA summons four bureaucrats to appear in court for money laundering probe . Money laundering FIA summons

The Lahore FIA has summoned bureaucrats Tahir Khurshid and Saleha Saeed . They are scheduled to record their statements on Aug . In June the Punjab ACE had booked Mr Buzdar Ms Shahzadi a son of Bushra Bibi and five senior bureaucrats including the four summoned by the FIA in an alleged transferposting scam during the PTI rule in the province .

The FIA directed them to provide information regarding foreign currency purchases made within Pakistan since joining government service foreign currency taken out of Pakistan highvalue creditdebit transactions and comprehensive details of their bank accounts .

They have been asked to furnish FBR returnsdeclarations for the period from to details of the countries visited along with information about offshore companies and business vehicles and assets held by their spouses or family members . In a separate ACE FIR Ms Shehzadi is accused of receiving bribes in exchange for preferred postings.

The FIA also alleged that Bushra Bibis son Ibrahim Manika would also receive a portion of the bribe money. Mr Khursheed was suspected of being a front man for Mr Buzezdar. The ACE is also investigating whether she received any part of the bribery money.

The agency is also asking them to present their posting profiles to and explain their relationship with Ms Shezadi. It has also asked them to give detailed details about their posting posts to and explained their posts. The Agency is also requesting them to explain their postings.

They are expected to provide detailed details to the agency. They have also requested them to clarify their posting statements. They were suspected to provide their posting details. They will also include their posting. They would also provide details about the information about foreign currency.


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