Gwadar port to be developed as one of the best in the world: PM

Gwadar port to be developed as one of the best in the world: PM

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said the fate of the people of Balochistan especially those of Gwadar would be changed through the ongoing development operation across the province . He promised that the fruits of development in the province would be directed towards the locals in the form of clean drinking water health education and employment .

The prime minister also announced that the laptop quota for Balochistani had been increased to per cent against the pc population share of the province and directed authorities to further increase the quota to pc for the next fiscal year . The PM said the default risk for Pakistan had been averted due to support from brotherly countries such as China Saudi Arabia and UAE .

He clarified that all the support from the friendly countries was completely unconditional. The premier further directed relevant authorities to put the security of foreigners in the region on top priority. The PM also said the security for the foreigners in Balochlanders on top of the region’s ‘safety of foreigners’ was a priority.

He added that the security. The security of foreign nationals in the country had been put in place. The default risk was averted by the help of the friendly . countries such . China Saudi . Arabia and the UAE. Pakistan has been assured that the support for Pakistan has not been affected by the assistance of the international community.

It has been provided to the government. It is a safe and secure. Pakistan’. It was a safe place for the international. It will be a safe environment for the region. It would be safe for the people. It’ll be safe. The government. The country’ve been assured.

The international. The Government. for the safety and security.


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