Hue and cry leads govt to dilute powers for caretakers . Caret

Hue and cry leads govt to dilute powers for caretakers . Caret

Amended Elections Act passed by joint sitting amid protests amid protests . Interim setup will be able to take policy decisions related to multilateral bilateral projects . Law minister concedes controversial amendment not discussed in committee Law minister Azam Nazeer Tarar said that except for the amendment in Section dealing with the functions of the caretakers no member of parliament had any objection to the tweaks .

Law Minister said the amendments did not come under discussion during a meeting of the parliamentary committee on electoral reforms . PPP stalwart Raza Rabbani made it clear that even the diluted version of the amendment relating to caretaker government was not acceptable .

The PPP leader regretted that a deviation from the constitutional scheme was being made under the IMFs dictates . He said economic and security interests had replaced the mantra of national interest . The amendments were brought through legal manoeuvring.

The amendments to the Elections Act were brought by legal manoeuvration. They will not have the mandate to initiate new projects and they will not be allowed to initiate any new projects. The amendment was introduced by the PMLALA is not acceptable. It took the joint sitting three to four hours to pass these amendments.

Law Minister for Economic Affairs Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said it was bound to be struck down by the Supreme Court. He said it is bound to have been struck down. The amended amendments. The changes were made to the amended amendment. It has been described as ‘unacceptable.

’ The amendments. It was not intended to be made. It is not intended. It’s was not meant to be. to have the. to be approved. It did not include the amendments. In fact, the amendments were made. The . amendments were not.


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