Imran arrested after Islamabad court finds him guilty of ‘corrupt practices’ in

Imran arrested after Islamabad court finds him guilty of ‘corrupt practices’ in

Imran Khan was arrested by Punjab police on Saturday afternoon from his Zaman Park residence in Lahore . Lahore Police Chief Bilal Siddique Kamiana confirmed the arrest and told Reuters the former prime minister was being transferred to the capital .

The court sentenced Imran who was absent from court to three years of imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs on him while hearing the Election Commission of Pakistans ECP criminal complaint against the PTI chief for concealing details of Toshakhana gifts .

After todays verdict Imran stands disqualified from holding any public office for five years under Article h of the Constitution . The arrest warrant authorised the Islamabad police chief to arrest Imran and send him to Central Prison Adiala Rawalpindi for serving out his sentences .

He however has the right to appeal the verdict . Imran’s arrest comes approximately three months after his first arrest on May when he was detained in Islamabad in the high courts in the Alir Trust case . Imrans arrest that day had resulted in widespread violence and the state had launched a severe crackdown against his party which saw military installations and almost thousands of PTI workers come under severe attack on the state .

Imran was rounded up by military installations . The future of his party has left the entire PTIsier leadership to be rounded up and arrested . While the mass exodus of PTIsisier leadership has also given a number of local media has also left the future of the PTisisis .

Imran has also gave a birth to a new birth to the new leadership . Imran is also giving birth to new leadership to the PTIskier leadership . The new leadership.


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