Imran arrested second time in three months after being found guilty in Toshakhana case .

Imran arrested second time in three months after being found guilty in Toshakhana case .

Imran Khan was arrested by Punjab police on Saturday afternoon from his Zaman Park residence in Lahore . The court sentenced Imran who was absent from court to three years in prison and imposed a fine of Rs on him for concealing details of Toshakhana gifts .

Imran’s lawyers were also not present at the hearing . The case alleges that Imran had deliberately concealed details of the gifts he retained from the Toshaskhana a repository where presents handed to government officials from foreign officials are kept .

Imrans arrest that day resulted in widespread violence and saw important military installations come under attack on the basis of which the state had launched a severe crackdown against his party . The arrest comes approximately three months after his first arrest on May when he was detained in Islamabad from the high courts premises in the AlQadir Trust case .

Imran was released the next day thousands of PTI workers and almost the entire toptier leadership was rounded up . The party leaders were rounded up and disassociating themselves with the PTI . The mass exodus has left thePTI leaders most of whom are still behind bars most of which are still in prison .

The state had been launched a massive crackdown against him most of them most of the party . Imran is still in jail and most are still under bars . Imran has faced a number of legal issues over his arrest. The case has also led to his arrest . The incident has also caused a mass exodus.

The arrest of Imran and the death of many of the PTi leaders. The PTI leadership. The incident also gave birth to a new home for the PTis. The arrested. The following day. Imran was arrested. Imran. Imran has been accused of refusing to cooperate with the government.


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