Imran becomes first former prime minister to be kept in Attock jail in Pakistan . Imran

Imran becomes first former prime minister to be kept in Attock jail in Pakistan . Imran

Imran Khan was taken to the district jail Attock on Saturday evening after his arrest from Zaman Park Lahore following his conviction in the Toshakhana case by a trial court in Islamabad . All roads leading to the jail were cordoned off by heavilyguarded personnel of law enforcement agencies .

A jail official on condition of anonymity told Dawn that a VVIP cell had been prepared in the jail for Mr Khan . The cell has no airconditioning facility but has a fan bed and a washroom inside . Imran Khan is the first former prime minister who has been locked up in the Attock jail .

Former chief minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif was kept in the prison in after he was sentenced by an accountability court in Attock Fort in the famous MI helicopter kickback case . Earlier this year PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi was kept at the same jail .

The jail and fort are separate premises located at a distance of about kilometres from each other . It is now considered a high security prison of the country where hardened undertrial prisoners are usually kept . The British rulers used the prison to detain people mostly involved in mutiny.

It was constructed by the British rulers on acres in . It was built by the . British rulers using the prison for prisoners mostly in mutinaries of mutiny and prisoners were detained people mainly involved in mutinaries. It is located in the . The fort is located on the RawalpindiPeshawar.

The entrance to the fort is from the RawAlpindiaPeshawawawai. The prison was constructed in the fort.


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