Imran seems to soften tone on talks with PDM Imran Khan . Imran appears to soften

Imran seems to soften tone on talks with PDM Imran Khan . Imran appears to soften

Imran Khan appeared to seek an opportunity to sit down with the ruling PDM coalition and the establishment to hammer out a consensus on the upcoming polls . This was an unusual statement from Mr Khan who is the selfprofessed archrival of the incumbent PDM regime and has in the past baulked at the suggestion of sitting down for talks with the thieves and looters currently in government .

Mr Khan predicted that his party would sweep the elections as the actions being taken against him and his supporters were only increasing our vote bank . In the past whenever the party has been offered a chance to sit with political forces Mr Khan had always opposed it saying he would only talk to the establishment as they were the ones who held real power .

The time has come to think of the country, he said at the conclusion of his speech at the end of the speech. In the end, Mr Khan said. The time is to remove your ego from the equation and make the same decision the one that is in the interest of Pakistan and that is holding free and fair elections he said in his own party would all sit and make a decision to hold free and free elections he had always denied it.

The decision was made by Mr Khan. He had always refused to meet with the PDM and said he would rather rather rather than meet with his own political forces to meet to meet his enemies. He said he was not willing to meet in a meeting to meet again to meet the ‘thieves and lootors.


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