JI vows to approach court against approval of population census . JI: JI

JI vows to approach court against approval of population census . JI: JI

JI Karachi chief Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman called it an attack on the rights of Karachi and its people . He accused the Muttahida Qaumi MovementPakistan of backstabbing Karachiites by endorsing the census results . The people of Karachi will not accept the results until and unless all the million individuals in the mega city are counted he said .

A large number of people registered in other areas of the country are living in Karachi for livelihood and other purposes and they all should be marked as Karachiites . The JI leader also questioned the mysterious silences of the ruling Pakistan People Party and Sindh chief minister over the results of the census .

Let it be very clear to everyone that he JI will not tolerate any delay in general elections under any pretext he said. He said that a genuine census would increase the representation of the people in the national and provincial assemblies in the country of Karachi in the National and Provincial assemblies.

He also accused the PPPP and the MQMP of being silent over the census result of the Census Results of the results. It is beyond comprehension that why the MqMP is celebrating the census acceptance when at least a million Karachiites have not been counted in the enumeration process he added.

The Mqmp is beyond comprehended that the people are not being counted in Karachi’s enumerated in the census. It was beyond comprehension. It has been beyond comprehension . The MQmp has not been enumerated. It should be beyond comprehension to the Mqq.

It will not be counted. It’ll not be considered. It would not be a mere coincidence. It must not be an error. The JQMP is not to be a mistake.


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