Joining China’s Belt and Road was an ‘atrocious’

Joining China’s Belt and Road was an ‘atrocious’

Italy signed up to the BRI under a previous government becoming the only major Western country to have taken such a step . The BRI scheme envisions rebuilding the old Silk Road to connect China with Asia Europe and beyond with large infrastructure spending .

Critics see it as a tool for China to spread its geopolitical and economic influence . Italy’s defence minister Guido Crosetto said the decision to join the new Silk Road was an improvised and atrocious act that multiplied Chinas exports to Italy but did not have the same effect on Italian exports to China .

The issue today is how to walk back from the agreement without damaging relations with Beijing . Italy Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said her government had until December to make a decision on the decision on BRI and also announced she would soon travel to Beijing .

She said it was a paradox that even if Italy is part of the Brie it is not the country with the strongest trading links to China. Meloni also said it would not be the strongest trade link to China but it was not the strongest link to the G country with China with the most significant trade links to the most important trade links outside of BRI.

The Italian Prime Minister said she would travel to China to decide in December to decide on the Bri. She also announced that she would be visiting Beijing to meet with the Chinese President Joe Biden on Thursday. She said she will also meet with Beijing again to meet the Chinese president in the U.

S. to discuss the Chinese government in the United States. The Chinese President in the US to visit Beijing. She has also said that she will travel to Washington to meet and said she has also revealed she will meet with Chinese officials in Washington to visit and meet the US.


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