Judge, wife involved in maid’s ‘torture’ go

Judge, wife involved in maid’s ‘torture’ go

Police teams raided judges residences in Islamabad and Lahore but found both the houses locked . Investigation facing a delay as the concerned superintendent of police SP had not yet shared details of the case with the zonal police with the investigation wing .

The case was registered at the Humak police station in response to the complaint from the girls father a labourer by profession . According to the FIR he sent his daughter to the house of the judge at Zartaj Housing Society through an acquaint against Rs per month salary .

On July he along with his wife and brotherinlaw came to the judges house to meet his daughter and found her injured and weeping in a room it added . They found infected injuries on his head besides wounds all around the face both arms and legs the FIR said adding her tooth was also found broken and swilling on both lips and eyes .

Meanwhile the police through its official Twitter handle claimed that efforts were in progress to arrest the female accused. The case will be investigated on merit besides all legal requirements will be met as law is equal for all the police claimed.

The concerned officer and the concerned officer was not found available for comments despite repeated attempts to comment on the police spokesman for the police were not available for comment. The worried officer and a concerned officer were not found for comments .

The concerned Officer and the policeman were not been found for comment . The worried policeman and the . concerned officer. The Concerned Officer was not been available for the concerned Officer, the concerned policeman was not available to be found for the Police were not commented.

The officer and an officer was the concerned person. The . concerned person was not identified. The. concerned officer is not found to be the concerned officers were not identified for comments and the police was not .


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