Karachi police issue traffic, security plan for 8-10th Muharram process

Karachi police issue traffic, security plan for 8-10th Muharram process

Karachi police have issued a security and traffic management plan for processions on the th th th and th of Muharram . A spokesperson for the Karachi police said police personnel had been deployed for the security of processions . Snipers of the Special Security Unit have been deployed on the sides and passages of the main procession .

The plan outlined the following routes for participants in the processions from Nazimabad side to Numaish Liaquatabad side . The procession will go through Nishtar Park Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto Road MehfiliShahiKhurasan MA Jinnah Road and end at Hussainian Iranian Imambargah in Kharadar.

The procession follows the same route on th Muhrram Saturday as well . The traffic plan said that all kinds of traffic would be restricted from proceeding along the route from Guru Mandir and will instead be diverted to Bahadar Yar Jang Road . All traffic coming from the Super Highway and Gulberg side will be diverted via the Habib Bank Flyover Estate Avenue Road and Sher Shah to Maripur Road adopting the same routes for return.

Traffic from the National Highway side will also be diverted from Rashid Minhas Road towards Stadium Road Sir Shah Suleman road Sir ShahSuleman Road Sir . It too will proceed via Sher Shah . Meanwhile traffic from the . National Highway Side will be Diverged from RashID Minhas road towards Rashid MINhas Road .

It will then proceed via the National … Road . The National Highway . It would be diverted through Rashid . Road and . Sir Shahsuman Road to Rashid Munhas Road. It too would proceed via . Shahrahe Sulemen Road and Shahrahen .


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