Karakoram Highway blocked at various points in GB following rain-triggered

Karakoram Highway blocked at various points in GB following rain-triggered

Flash floods and mudslides triggered by heavy downpour blocked the Karakoram Highway KKH at various points in GilgitBaltistan on Sunday . Diamer Deputy Commissioner DC Captain Rtd Arif Ahmad said the KKKH was blocked near Goharabad villages Gandalo area .

Two cars were damaged but the passengers in them remained safe and the cars were pulled out of the mudslide . Over houses had been damaged in the district due to the raintriggered floods in the past eight days while around kilometres of linked roads and nine vehicles had been .

damaged . Hunza DC Ghazanfar Ali said that roads heading to the Misgar and Shimshal villages were blocked as well due to heavy rains last night . He added that machinery was being used to clear the MisGar and ShimShal roads were being used in the clearance operation .

The local community gathered in the Phapat village to demand that the government protect their village from being hit by any further floods as it had been affected for a long time almost every year during the monsoon season . Local resident Muhammad Hafeez Tangiri a local resident from Diamers Tangir tehsil said his village has been devastated by the floods damaging suspension bridges and main and linked roads there.

He further said that his village had been devastated in the floods . He said that the local resident said his family had been hit by the flood. Muhammad Hafez Tangiri said his . village has . been devastated. for the floods. was devastated by a local to demand for a short period of the floods and that he had been killed.

He had been struck by a long . time in the last month. The local resident of Diamered .


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