KP lawmaker demands clear terror policy . KP lawmaker calls for clear policy on terror . KP

KP lawmaker demands clear terror policy . KP lawmaker calls for clear policy on terror . KP

Angry lawmakers from the Jamiat UlemaiIslam JUIF on Friday warned the government against a possible strong reaction from tribal people over the ongoing terrorism spate in their area . South Waziristan MNA Jamaluddin asked the government and those responsible to have a clear and consistent policy regarding the handling of these terrorists .

He said the state should hold meaningful dialogue with the Taliban or wage fullfledged war on them or leave the area to allow tribesmen to handle these terrorists on their own . The deputy speaker then adjourned the sitting till Monday evening . GDA criticises hasty legislation demands inclusion in consultations over caretaker setup .

The GDA lashed out at the government over the recent passage of university bills a scam. PTI dissident Nuzhat Pathan drew the attention of the house towards increase in sectarianrelated killings in the country. She alleged that the government had silenced the real opposition demanding that her party should also be consulted in the process of nominating the caretaker setups.

The Deputy Speaker Zahid Akram Durrani allowed members to deliver speeches on points of order without taking up any agenda items. The deputy Speaker then adjourns the sitting until Monday evening. The National Assembly was adjourned until Monday night.

The parliamentarians were allowed to take up no agenda items for the National Assembly. The assembly was adjourns until Monday afternoon. The House is adjourned till Monday night . The National House was closed. The parliamentary session was closed again.

The national parliament was closed for two days. The Parliament is adjourns. The Nair Sabha was closed, the Nair Council Council of Pakistan’s National Council of Representatives.


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