Lahore receives heavy showers as Met Office warns of urban, flash floods . Met Office

Lahore receives heavy showers as Met Office warns of urban, flash floods . Met Office

Lahore continued to receive heavy rainfall on Saturday while the Met Office warned of urban and flashed flooding in Punjabs provincial capital . The National Disaster Management Authority NDMA said flooding was expected in the tributaries of the Kabul River and Dera Ghazi Khans hill torrents from July to .

It also warned of a Glacial Lake Outburst Flood in GBs mountain valleys due to increased flow in its rivers and streams . Water level in the Indus Rivers Sukkur Guddu and Kotri Barrages in Sindh rose after inflows from the Taunsa and Panjnad Barrages .

Rawal Dam spillways opened after its water level reached . feet . State broadcaster Radio Pakistan reported that spillways of Islamabads Rawal dam were opened after . its water levels reached . foot . Meanwhile Balochistan roads remained blocked in the region .

Roads remain blocked in Balochistans where an emergency was declared yesterday as it continued to grapple with inundating rain . A statement said that restoration work was under way on the Pinjetta Narratta Narrattas Highway at the Pinjarra Bridges spot .

More to follow follow-up to restore the restored work on the Sukur Narratahahahatahatakahatar Road in the province’s main road in the southern border with the Balochian National Highway in the northern border with Sindh. Roads are under way in the eastern border of the northern region.

More to be restored to the northern edge of the Sukkahatrahahatatahakahahata Narrarrahat. Road. Road is under way at the Punjarahat Road in Rawalahatashahat .


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