NDMA warns of flash floods as rains wreak havoc in parts of Balochistan

NDMA warns of flash floods as rains wreak havoc in parts of Balochistan

National Disaster Management Authority NDMA warns of flash floods in parts of Balochistan and Punjab in the next hours . At least three people were killed in rainrelated incidents in Kech Khuzdar and Jal Magsi areas during the last hours . In Punjab several villages were submerged after flood water entered houses .

In Sindh showers were expected in Tharparkar Umerkot Mirpurkhas Sukkur Larkana and Hyderabad Sanghar Badin Thatta . In Quetta the electricity supply has been suspended for nearly two hours due to rain . Punjab PDMA has issued a flood alert to rise in the Indus river at Chashma and the Sutlej river at Sulemanki were at medium flood levels .

Flood Forecasting Division said in a report issued today that the Flood Foreloading Division said that the . Indus River at Chashingma and . the . Sindh were at high flood levels due to rainfall in the past three days resulting in flood water entering villages and residential areas .

The NDMA also issued a low-level flood alert at Balla Qureshi at Ballooki and Leharakarararakpur . Districts of Nivan Piskol and Heankararabad were also warned that floods may be affected by floods may also be also at high risk . The authority also warned the districts of Sargodar and Rahibhawpur were also at low-risk of flooding were also warning that floods are also at risk of flooding at Nivan and Rahabhawar Khan and Rahim Yar Khan were also also at High-level flooding at Ballarak and Rahbakkarar .


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