Niger military council takes control of Niger, names General Tiani as leader . Niger military

Niger military council takes control of Niger, names General Tiani as leader . Niger military

Leaders of a coup in Niger declared General Abdourahamane Tiani as the new head of state on Friday . Tiani was the head of the presidential guard whose soldiers shut President Mohamed Bazoum inside his palace on Wednesday . The upheaval has raised concerns about the security of a region where Niger has been a key ally of Western powers seeking to contain insurgencies by groups linked to Al Qaeda and the militant Islamic State .

The Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS will hold an emergency summit in Nigeria on Sunday to discuss the situation . Niger will be a another test for the regional bloc which has struggled to convince soldiers to give back power after the latest wave of coups in member states Mali Guinea and Burkina Faso .

Niger is also the worlds seventhbiggest producer of uranium the radioactive metal widely used for nuclear energy and in nuclear weapons as well as for treating cancer as a nuclear weapons . The U.N. said it would still deliver aid in Niger even though it had not had any contact with the military since the coup .

Some . million people are in need humanitarian aid in the country since it has not made a statement since Thursday morning when he vowed to protect hardwon democratic gains in a post on social media . Several world leaders said that they have spoken to him and that he is being detained with his family in the presidential palace but is fine.

The United Nations said he is fine but is okay. The European Union has not announced any plans to intervene in Niger. It has not commented on the coup. The EU said it will continue to provide aid in Niambua . The United States said it was not to intervene.

Some .million people were in need of humanitarian aid to Niambuara.


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