Pakistan, Egypt slam fresh act of desecration in Denmark . Denmark says act of

Pakistan, Egypt slam fresh act of desecration in Denmark . Denmark says act of

Pakistan slams the desecration of the Muslim holy book as well as the dishonouring of its national flag outside its embassy in Copenhagen . Cairo summoned Denmark’s ambassador over the third such incident that occurred in Denmark in less than a week .

Sweden has ordered government agencies to strengthen the countrys ability to prevent terrorism in response to a worsening security situation . Sweden’s foreign minister says the state does not sanction or condone burnings of the Holy Quran . Swedish prime minister claims fears of terror attacks have increased the risks for Sweden .

Sweden says the country has gone from being what is called a legitimate target for terror attacks to being a prioritised target of the Swedish Security Service to being the target of disinformation campaigns . The announcement comes a day after Swedens government said the country had become the target for disinformation campaigns.

Sweden has become the . country had been the . target of disinformation campaigns. It is important to stress that this is a long-term issue there are no quick fixes he said. The situation was very serious. We have gone from what is said to be a legitimate .

to being . a legitimate … target for Terror attacks to be . a prioritising target for the Swedish security service. As a result of the security service’s ‘deception’ and ‘disinformation campaigns’. Sweden’ has been tasked with intensifying their work under the leadership of the ‘recemployed’ to the security services.

The Swedish security services’, the Swedish government has said. It has also said. ‘underestimated’ in a statement.


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