Pakistan seen hiking rates again on IMF guidance, analysts say . Analysts say Pakistan seen

Pakistan seen hiking rates again on IMF guidance, analysts say . Analysts say Pakistan seen

The State Bank of Pakistan SBP has raised its key policy rate by . percentage points since April mainly to curb soaring inflation . The SBP held rates steady in June saying inflation had peaked at pc in the preceding month . But before the end of the month it raised rates by bps at an emergency meeting in an effort to secure IMF funds citing a slightly deteriorated inflation outlook .

Most analysts believe the rate increase would be done largely to satisfy the IMFs criteria . However Shivaan Tandon an economist at Capital Economics said that the worst may now be over for Pakistan given inflation is likely to have peaked and IMF funding is now secured .

However the analysts who predicted no change in rates said there was no major change in price pressures since the last policy meeting to warrant a hike this month . The analysts said there were no major changes to price pressures to warrant the hike this .

month . However, they said there is no major difference in price pressure to warrant an increase in the last . month to the SBP. However, the analysts said the worst . price pressures in the economy remain extremely elevated and policymakers would want to guard against the risk of high inflation becoming entrenched.

Still he added price pressures are still extremely elevated, he said . The current account and the current account are all showing positive trends. Mohammad Sohail CEO at Topline said the consumer price index and the . current account were all show positive trends are all showed positive trends in the current .

are all Showing positive trends . He said the current. are all show a positive trends and theCurrent Account are showing positive results. The SBp is all showing a positive . trends. The bank are showing a good results.


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