Philippines summons China ambassador over water cannoning of boats . Manila summons China’s ambassador over

Philippines summons China ambassador over water cannoning of boats . Manila summons China’s ambassador over

Beijing claims almost all of the South China Sea through which trillions of dollars in trade passes annually . The incident happened on Saturday as the Philippine Coast Guard escorted charter boats carrying food water fuel and other supplies for Filipino military personnel stationed at Second Thomas Shoal in the Spratly Islands .

The Philippine military and coast guard have accused the China Coast Guard of breaking international law in blocking and firing water cannon at the resupply mission which prevented one of the charter boats from reaching the shoal . China said it had taken necessary controls against Philippines boats that had illegally entered its waters .

Manila summoned Beijings envoy on Monday and gave him a note verbale including pictures video about what happened and we are awaiting their reply Marcos said . The US State Department on Sunday condemned the Chinese actions saying they were carried out by the coast guard and maritime militia and that they directly threatened regional peace and stability .

The Philippines insists the Second Thomas shoal is part of its exclusive economic zone . Manila and Beijing have a long history of maritime disputes over the S. China has a long-standing maritime dispute over the South South China sea disputes over its maritime rights .

Manila has issued more than diplomatic protests to Beijing over its illegal activities in the past . The former Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte was reluctant to criticise his more powerful neighbour as he sought closer ties with Beijing in the hope of attracting investment.

However former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was reluctant to criticising his morepowerful neighbour. He has been reluctant to criticize his more prominent neighbour. The former President Rodrigo . He has recently been reluctant. to criticised his more .

to criticises his more than . to criticize the former Philippine government. to be reluctant to attack his more reliable neighbour. However, he was reluctant .


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