PM Shehbaz: Country’s interests sole purpose of meetings held with

PM Shehbaz: Country’s interests sole purpose of meetings held with

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said he had held several meetings with army chiefs during his years in politics with the sole objective of making the country progress . The only objective of those meetings was that politicians and institutions work together to turn the country into a Pakistan for which several Muslims laid their lives .

The premier also urged the nation on the occasion to make determined and concerted efforts for making Pakistan regain its grandeur and stature and so that country was able to compete with the rest of the world . The Bhara Kahu bypass project began in October .

It has been executed by the NLC National Logistics Cell in nine months at a cost of Rs. billion the premier said adding that the bypass construction had removed a major bottleneck and reduced travelling time for those commuting to Murree Azad Kashmir and Galiyat .

He directed the Capital Development Authority CDA to plant a million trees around the bypass of which have already been planted. Make Islamabad as beautiful as Baku in Azerbaijan he told the CDA . He also mentioned that one of the challenges faced in the construction of the project was a land dispute with QuaidiAzam University which was eventually settled through court .

Had there been no such challenges the projects construction could have been completed by him initially he added. Had there were no such . challenges the project had to be completed within the threemonth period set by him before he added he added . The CDA had already been launched by him .

The project would ease . The bypass project would include a million Trees around the Cda to plant. The premier said. The Cda had already planted a million of the bypass. The bypass was a lot of other challenges to be planted. Had There been no other challenges in the .


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