PM Shehbaz sets off on campaign trail with Kasur speech . Sheh

PM Shehbaz sets off on campaign trail with Kasur speech . Sheh

PM lists achievements of his elder brother and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif . Praises former chief justice Saqib Nisar and gang of conspirators who ousted him . He said Mr Nawaz would be the next prime minister of Pakistan and serve the people as he had done before .

Nawaz had brought an end to loadshedding he claimed adding that the era of the former PM was a golden period as it brought prosperity to the country in the form of a network of roads and bridges foreign investment and CPEC projects . Mr Sharif said wheat and sugar scandals were the products of Mr Khans era and billions of rupees were wasted and plundered .

He vowed that if his party regained power after the elections it would bring revolutionary changes in the agriculture sector extract minerals worth billions of dollars and equip youth with the latest tools of information technology . The youth programme would be implemented at the federal and provincial levels and more laptops would be given to the students on merit .

The Kasur district administration had imposed a section of the CrPC in the district that prohibits public gatherings for seven days in anticipation of possible protests and rallies following the arrest of the PTI chairmans arrest on Saturday. The section was imposed for 7 days in the area was imposed by the district was imposed in anticipation for possible protests following the arrests of PTI chairman Imran Khan on Saturday .

The area was banned for possible public gatherings. The area of the Kasur District Administration had been imposed for seven Days. The district was erected for seven . It was imposed. The police. The Kasuri district. The PM. was imposed . The district.

was . imposed for a seven days. The. section was . in anticipation . for seven weeks in anticipation. for .


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