PPP will have to take a stand if polls are delayed, says Khursheed

PPP will have to take a stand if polls are delayed, says Khursheed

Federal Minister for Water Resources Syed Khursheed Shah has said that the PPP will have to take a stand if general elections were delayed . The government has announced that assemblies will be dissolved on August following which elections should be held within days of the end of the assemblies tenure .

A day earlier the Council of Common Interests CCI approved the results of the digital census making it almost certain that general elections may not be held this year as a fresh delimitation which may take months has now become compulsory . The minister noted that the Constitution clearly stated that the delimitation had to take place a process which took four months .

The PPP had earlier opposed holding the next general elections under the fresh census its silence in the CCI meeting has raised questions . When asked about the appointment of the caretaker premier Shah said that it was important to follow the Constitution.

Almost all parties are included in the committee. Shah said it has finalised five names at a committee level not the leadership level he said. It should be acceptable to include those of politicians who are not active members of any party but would not be an active politician from any party nor be a major leader of any other party nor a major party in any party.

When it was pointed out that former finance minister Hafeez Sheikh fell in this category the minister said that he would not want someone who brought a briefcase and then picked it up and left. He said that former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and Senator Raza Rabbani.

When asked for the former finance Minister Raza Rabani was not an active member of any Party. He would not bring a brief case and would not need to be an effective politician to be a politician.


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