Punjab police launch AI-powered system to track criminals in Punjab . Punjab police use AI

Punjab police launch AI-powered system to track criminals in Punjab . Punjab police use AI

Face Trace System FTS utilises artificial intelligence to create a comprehensive data bank of over million individuals including suspects and criminals . The implementation of the FTS has been made accessible to investigating officers all over the province significantly streamlining the identification process .

The FTS will also aid in identifying and tracing suspects detected through CCTV cameras and other sources . The system is built with compatibility for the latest artificial intelligence technology ensuring speedy arrests following accurate criminal identification .

Soon the System will also be connected with epolice post crime prevention app etc he added. The FST will be further improved in the light of the training practice integration and feedback received from the force and it would be improved by linking it with the database of other institutions.

The system will also help identify and trace suspects detected via CCTV cameras or other sources. The data compiled for the system includes million records and pictures from the Punjab Khidmat Marakaz and records of accused individuals and criminals from Punjab prisons.

Soon the system will be also be linked to the system. The System will Also be connected to the database. Soon, Mr Younas said. The . System will . also be included in the Punjab Police Information Technology IT wing. etc he said. soon the System. will also include pictures and videos of suspected individuals and .

suspects detected by CCTV cameras from the . Punjab prisons and . other sources in Punjab prisons . The System. and other Sources. etc. were present in the database, etc he adds. He added. It will also will also provide information to the police. Soon The System is also be available to provide information for the .

Districts have been informed to provide.


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