Rawalpindi’s Rawat-Kutchery road a nightmare for commuters

Rawalpindi’s Rawat-Kutchery road a nightmare for commuters

Getting from Rawat to Kutchery Chowk has become a difficult task it takes hours and commuters brave the difficult task of crossing the rough pocked and bumpy road . Ongoing repair work on the Soan River Bridge which was damaged on June is still going on making public transportation miserable .

Residents of the housing societies who travel between Rawat and Kutchery on daily basis seem helpless in getting authorities concerned to realise and remove sewage accumulated on its uneven portion near Fauji Foundation Hospital Al Shifa Eye Trust Hospital and the NLC establishments .

The absence of sanitation makes it another problem for commuters to pass the area . Traffic jams are frequent on the busiest road where heavy traffic has already been banned due to the bridge collapse . Two persons in a traffic accident happened due to poor management which happened due due to bad management of the new construction which has already claimed the deaths of two persons in an accident which happened on the old construction which resulted in the death of two people in a Traffic Accident on the new bridge .

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