Rival groups seek more time for consultation in Balochistan’s Wadh

Rival groups seek more time for consultation in Balochistan’s Wadh

Chief of Sarawan tribes Nawab Aslam Raisani visited Wadh and held long negotiations with Sardar Akhtar Mengal and Mir Shafiqur Rehman Mengal during the last two days . Both sides agreed to an indefinite ceasefire honouring the tribal delegation and expressing their desire to resolve the issue according to tribal customs .

The other members of the tribal reconciliation delegation include ExSenator Nawabzada Haji Lashkari Khan . He expressed the desire for complete peace to be restored in Wadh for the second time to promote goodwill . He emphasised that they will return to Wadh again to establish peace and brotherhood .

The meeting was encouraging and we have sought full authority and mandate from both sides to make further progress in tribal efforts to resolve issue on a permanent basis. We are hopeful of resolving the problems of Wadh. Nawab Zafar Gichki Wadera Ghulam Sarwar Mosyani and four other members nominated by both sides were nominated by the both sides of both sides.

The other member of the reconciliation delegation includes ExSenator Haji Lajid Khan and four others nominated by Both sides are also nominated by members of both parties. They include Ex-Senator Nawid Haji Khuzdar and Sardar Haji Haji Haqar Khan and an ex-Senator Hajid Khuzkari Haqad .

The others include Sardar Haqah . The last member of Waderi Haqqar Khuzqar Haquir Khan and a member of The Council of the Council of The Commission of the Commission of The Committee of The Wadh Council of Nafir Haqat. The Council. The Commission. The Committee.


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