Rs8.5bn plan launched to combat stunting, malnutrition in India . Rs

Rs8.5bn plan launched to combat stunting, malnutrition in India . Rs

Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal formally launched the programme at a ceremony held at the Planning Commission office . The programme is aimed at reducing stunting and other forms of malnutrition with a multisectoral approach . The most common deficiencies in Pakistan are those of iron protein vitamin A vitamin D zinc and folic acid .

The planning minister mentioned that after the eighteenth amendment most of the social sectors have been devolved to the provinces hence it is their responsibility to initiate such programmes and align their resources which initiatives such as PANI will be launched .

The other objectives of the project are the provision of micronutrients and nutritional supplements provision of reprogramme readytouse therapeutic and supplementary foods to treat and prevent stunted and . prevent stunting . The project includes healthy dietary practices and early childhood development advocacy and behavioural change research of local cause local solution development of local food supplements and deworming for adolescent girls children and pregnant and lactating women.

The project will also focus on nutrition and health and hygiene to have a wholeofsociety and wholeofgovernment approach . PANI is a part of a larger effort of investment into the health and development of our people. The most important issue is to address all the underlying determinants and other confounding factors that contributes to malnutrition such as food adulteration and water sanitation, such as water sanitation and health .

sanitation and hygiene. The other objective is to have an approach to prevent malnutrition. The initiative is to provide the appropriate and appropriate foods to provide an accurate and appropriate nutritional supplements. The programme will provide an effective and appropriate nutrition and appropriate nutrient-rich diet and appropriate nutrients to provide for the appropriate amount of nutrients and nutrients to be available to the appropriate amounts to the optimal nutrition for the local community.


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