SC rejects plea seeking full court on military trials of civilians . Military trials are being held

SC rejects plea seeking full court on military trials of civilians . Military trials are being held

The reserved verdict was announced by a sixmember bench comprising Chief Justice of Pakistan CJP Umar Ata Bandial . Almost all counsels representing different petitioners opposed the idea though Advocate Khwaja Ahmad Hosain on behalf of former CJP Jawwad S.

Khawaja sought time to seek fresh instructions from his client . The full court request was however described by Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan one of the petitioners as an attempt to deprive the court of its finest moment in the countrys judicial history . The decision regarding the constitution of a full court would either be announced in minutes or litigants will be informed about the final outcome on Wednesday today .

Justice Bandial also said that the court did not care about criticism and leaves what is right and wrong to history. We will continue our work whether someone likes it or not the CJP remarked and directed the counsels to resume their arguments to resume its arguments .

Yesterday the AGP continued to say that none of the suspects were ill treated badly he assured the court that the suspects in military custody were allowed to meet their families and that they were given proper medical facilities and that action would be taken if any of them are ill treated .

The AGP assured the suspects would not be sentenced to death or life imprisonment. The dignity and respect of all persons are guaranteed. We have also ensured that no of the . suspects would be allowed to met their families. The . suspects were given the suspects are allowed to be treated badly.

None of the suspect were illtreated. The AG Punditants were treated badly, the . defendants were given adequate medical facilities. Ayesha A. Akbar Naqvi and read out the SCs verdict in a similar case.


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