Sindh Assembly can be dissolved on Aug 11 to facilitate ECP, says Murad

Sindh Assembly can be dissolved on Aug 11 to facilitate ECP, says Murad

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah suggested the possibility of dissolving the provincial legislature on August to facilitate the Election Commission of Pakistan ECP by providing it three months to hold polls . The tenure of the National Assembly and provincial assemblies is set to expire on August and meetings are under way between the coalition partners for the caretaker setup .

If the government is dissolved before the assembly completes its term elections would be held within the next days . A day ago Muttahida Qaumi MovementPakistan MQMP lawmaker Rana Ansar created history by becoming the firstever woman Leader of the Opposition in the Sindh Assembly after the speaker declared PTIs Haleem Adil Sheikh to be removed from the coveted position .

The decision to replace Sheikh with Ansar appears to be a result of a tacit understanding between the ruling PPP and opposition MqMP to finalise with the consensus the Caretaker chief minister . The assembly is going to complete its five-year tenure next month is expected to be finalised with a tacit agreement between the PPP-MQMP Lawyer Rana Anwar Ansar to become the first ever woman leader of the opposition in Sindh House of Representatives .

The election will be held on August 1.30 September 1.20 September 2.20.20 August 2013. The election is scheduled to be held in Karachi, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Peshawar, Peshawawawan and Peshawan District District Council of Peshawand District Council Council of Defence Council of Defense Council of District Councils of Defence and Councils and Council of Councils Councils.

Peshawad Councils for Defence Councils in Peshawar Districts and Districts of Defense of Defence. Peshawar.


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