Sindh Police uncertain about motive behind murder of PTI lawmaker’s brother, nephew .

Sindh Police uncertain about motive behind murder of PTI lawmaker’s brother, nephew .

Akram Abro a brother of MPA Aslam Abro and his son Shehryar were shot dead . Two other persons were wounded near Ayesha Masjid in DHA PhaseVII when armed assailants some in a car and some on a motorbike sprayed their SUV with bullets . A murder involving certain Abro clansmen points investigators to a land dispute in Karachi .

A large number of people including MPAs Dr Sohrab Khan Sarki Sardar Sheheryar Khan Shar and ex-MPA Mir Aurangzeb Panhwar attended the last rites of the slain Abros . The funeral prayers were held in the Town Hall of Jacobabad amid moving scenes . The IGP also spoke about the police operation against dacoit gangs in the riverine area of upper Sindh.

He said banditry was a cancer for society which needed to be eliminated. He recalled that the phenomenon of honeytrap emerged in when hundreds of people across the country were trapped by the bandits and brought to their hideouts. As many as gangsters had been killed and others arrested during the operation this year.

There were only two persons held hostage by kidnappers in Ghotki district where most outlaws belonged to Sultu or Rahib Shar . He said that members of this gang were killed during the gang led by Rahib Shultu . The operation had been successful. There are only two people held hostage.

Six members of the kidnappers were killed. In Sukkur . There were two kidnap victims. The ICP pointed out that there were only . There are two kidnapped. There was only two kidnappers . There was two kidnapped victims. There is only two of the kidnapping victims in Suikkur .


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