Swedish PM says ‘extremely worried’ about more Holy Quran burnings . Swedish

Swedish PM says ‘extremely worried’ about more Holy Quran burnings . Swedish

Sweden has seen several protests in recent weeks where copies of the Holy Quran have been damaged or burned causing outrage among Muslims . Sweden accused Russia and other statesponsored actors of spreading disinformation designed to harm Swedens reputation and damage the Nordic countrys bid to join Nato .

Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom said the Swedish state does not sanction or condone Holy Quran burnings but they are permitted by Swedish freedom of speech laws . He said he had been in touch with the foreign ministers of Iran Iraq Algeria Algeria and Lebanon among others as well as the U.

N. secretarygeneral . And just now I will speak to the secretarygeneral for the Organisation of Islamic Countries . We will discuss these issues and its important to stress that this is a long-term issue there are no quick fixes he said. We will also stress that there are No quick fixes to the issue.

It is important tostress that this was a long term issue, he said . Sweden has been in contact with Iran Iraq, Lebanon and Lebanon as well to the United Nations secretarygeneral. Billstrom says he will discuss the issue of Islamic countries to discuss the issues .

Sweden accuses Russia and others of spreading disinformation of spreading distdistdistributributive distributions to Russian actions against Sweden’s reputation. Sweden has accused Russia and other statesponsorsorsorsorities of spreading.

Sweden accused of disdistributiveness of dissemination of distributions to Russia and allegations of distributing disapportioning distortion and other states. It has been accused of spreading its disparity.


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