Tech solutions for beauty products include a range of high-tech beauty products . Tech solutions

Tech solutions for beauty products include a range of high-tech beauty products . Tech solutions

Guive Balooch says inclusivity is at the heart of our innovation and beauty tech strategy . LOral has introduced a device that allows people with limited motor skills to apply makeup more precisely but at a high price point . Recently his team has also introduced another handheld electronic brow makeup applicator to give consumers the most precise brow shape in seconds .

Technology will in a way augment beauty because today there are some basic needs of consumers that have been around for a long time. For example theres a need to be able to find the right product for us individually . For this reason we believe that there is an opportunity where technology can bring more .

more accessibility more diversity regardless of who you are where you are . are from and where you live . The goal is to create inclusive beauty and technology can play a huge role in Inclusivity. It can deliver results that you can never get with your hands alone.

These are the reasons why technology will be important for the beauty industry in future. It gives you a chance to get the . chance to . get the right . product for you to be comfortable with using beauty for all and accessibility to diversity . The company launched a digital version to put it in the reach of everyone who wants to use it.

Its about enabling everyone to experience beauty to any level they want to. want to . use it to any . want to use technology. The company is looking at digital solutions as well as physical solutions as physical products as well. It is looking to make these solutions as digital solutions to make it more accessible.

It depends on technology. We arent trying to make our luxury products as digital products or physical products. Over time we will look to make things at the luxury products.


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