Three recovery agents of loan apps arrested in Lahore, Pakistan . Three recovered agents of

Three recovery agents of loan apps arrested in Lahore, Pakistan . Three recovered agents of

The suspects associated with online loan apps Cash Gain Easy Money and Zamaatu Loan and Quick Money etc. Suleman Awais and Abdur Rehman were arrested in Lahore . They were part of the recovery teams of these apps and blackmailed and harassed the people who would take loans .

The suspects would also share doctored images of the victims shared with their relatives to blackmail them . The agency has arrested over suspects involved in the scam since it launched a crackdown on such illegal businesses following the suicide of a man who couldnt pay off his debt to a loan company over a week ago .

The FIA had also sealed the offices of five companies involved in this illegal activity in different parts of the country . Meanwhile, the FIA arrested a suspect Faisal Mumtaz for uploading objectionable pictures of a woman on social media on the social networking site .

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA PTA had also blocked over loan apps not registered with the SECP had also been blocked by the Pakistan Telecommisioner of the PTA for not being registered with an app not registered in the country’s SECP’Sloan apps.

The agency asked people to first check on the website of the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan SECP whether a company or app offering loan is registered with it or not to be registered with them or not. On the other hand the Pakistan Telcommisionary Authority had also had the app.

The SECP has also blocked the app or not . The PTA has also banned the apps not to have an application for an application. The Pakistani Telecommmissioner PTA also had an app that was not registered to the SECp. For more information, please click here: http://www.


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