Travellers stranded as flood damages bridge in KP’s Mansehra . Flood

Travellers stranded as flood damages bridge in KP’s Mansehra . Flood

Flash flood hit Jodan Nullah area and damaged a major bridge and a mosque in Darband area . Floodwater also entered houses but no damage to public life was reported . 12 people mostly children and women have so far lost life in separate incidents . Frontier Constabulary has trained forest patrol squads in effective crackdown on illegal tree felling in Hazara division .

PM Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated mega development projects inaugurated by Prime Minister ShehBaz Sharif in the area as scheduled . PM said the federal government had also approved a small hydropower project in Shahtot area of Oghi tehsil and ordered the release of funds for it .

Meanwhile over a dozen bodies which were exposed by heavy rain in a Chania graveyard were shifted to and buried in another graveyard were buried in the nearby Chania area . The Frontier Constitution has trained the forest departments patrol teams in a training programme at the FC district headquarters in Ogha .

The trainees belonged to Mansehra Battagram Torghar Upper and Lower Kohistan and KolaiPalas districts. The Frontier constable gave away certificates and cash awards to them. The trainee officers later exhibited their skills receiving applause from instructors.

Ms Tareen and Mr Wazir gave away their skills to the instructors. The training officials later gave away . The training officers gave away a certificate and gave away. The Trainees belonged. The Farsarsars. Officers later showed away certificates to the trainees.

It is the . trainees belong to ManSEBABABAAN. District Council of Peshawar and Peshawawawan. Back to Back Back to The Back Back To Mail Online.


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