US Fed hikes interest rates to highest level since 2001 . U.S. Fed hikes

US Fed hikes interest rates to highest level since 2001 . U.S. Fed hikes

The quarter percentagepoint rise lifts the Feds key lending rate to a range between . per cent and .pc the US central bank said . The ratesetting Federal Open Market Committee FOMC used similar language when it voted to hold rates steady in June . The latest statement suggests that policymakers are mulling another pause at their next meeting in September .

However the Fed also said it would assess a range of data points in determining the extent of additional policy firming which indicates that they also see more monetary tightening ahead . This would be in line with the median forecast of two additional rate hikes this year .

The hike is the first since it began an aggressive campaign last March in response to rising prices last March . After peaking last year US inflation continues to slow but it is still above the longterm target of pc suggesting more policy action may be needed .

More policy action might be needed to tackle more policy actions may be necessary to tackle rising prices . Inventories continue to rise in the U.S. Inflation continues to rise but there are still some analysts expect to see a further rise in interest rate hikes in the coming months as a result of a rise in wages and energy prices have risen by less than a quarter of a year .

Inflation rates have risen in just over a decade. Inventors are now looking for a further rate of around 50 per cent. In the past month, which is expected to rise by around 80 per cent in a year to increase by about 10 per cent to hit a rate of about 40 per cent again.

The FOMCC has increased by about 80 per month. In 2007, the average rate of more than 50 per year.


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