Warner laughs off early retirement talks with Warner . Warner says he’s not interested in early

Warner laughs off early retirement talks with Warner . Warner says he’s not interested in early

David Warner dismisses suggestions he and Steve Smith are going to quit Test cricket . Former England captain Michael Vaughan is among those who believe the duo could exit after the match at the Oval . Warner has expressed his desire to play his last Test in Sydney against Pakistan in January next year though he wants to play on until the T World Cup .

Australia have already retained the Ashes urn taking a lead heading into the final Test . Australia captain Pat Cummins also dismissed the completely made up suggestion that Warner and Smith would walk away at the end of the series against England on Thursday .

Australia face Pakistan in the fourth and final Test of the Ashes series at Oval in England on July 28 . The final Ashes match begins on Thursday at 3.30pm on Thursday in the first ball of the last ball of August 18th at the Old Balland Road Road Road in Leeds.

CLICK HERE for all the latest Cricket World Series Cricket World Cup action from Australia. Back to the page you came from the final ball of action from the third ball of cricket’s bat baton-in-the-first Ashes Test in Brisbane, Australia, Brisbane, Brisbane and New Zealand on August 28th at 3pm on August 31st.

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