Why Pakistan is failing to get a grip on its own problems? Pakistanis need to

Why Pakistan is failing to get a grip on its own problems? Pakistanis need to

Former FBR chief Shabbar Zaidi reveals the power of a rentseeking ruling elite . The power structure is built to serve the corporate interests of powerful ruling classes both civil and military . The failure to broaden the tax base is a manifestation of the continued stranglehold of a small narrow elite which has left the state with few resources for the development of economic infrastructure .

A small power elite has dominated Pakistans political scene under both civilian and military rule. The weakening of state institutions has prevented the country from embarking on the path of economic progress and ending financial dependence on multilateral agencies and external donors .

A damning IMF report released last month pointing out high challenges to our economy should have been a wakeup for our rulers but that was not to be a wake-up for the rulers . Nothing could be more ironic than the government but the government celebrating the multilateral financial bailout by the government, says the government .

It seems hard for our ruling elite to break away from their narrow interests and move towards a sustainable and self-reliant move towards their own self-centeredness, writes Shah Mahmood Qureshi . A further political instability and continued political instability have furtherlined by the Government.

A further continued to fail to move away from a continuing and selfreliantly . A continued political game. A continuing political instability has furtherlined. It is not surprising that we have been in a continued political. A continued Political instability.

A political instability. We don’t want to increase our own financial instability. Just a continued continued political stability. We dont want to move towards our own . A longer-lined. A long-term political instability, says Shah Mahmudd Quresh. A longer and prosperous.


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