Woman from India’s Rajasthan marries Upper Dir man . Woman from

Woman from India’s Rajasthan marries Upper Dir man . Woman from

Anju aged and a mother of two arrived in Pakistan from Rajasthan last week to meet Nasrullah who she befriended on Facebook . She converted to Islam and changed her name to Fatima following which the couple was brought to the district courts where a judge recorded her statement and solemnised the nikah .

In her statement Anju said she visited Nasrallah of her own free will and was pleased to marry him . According to reports in Indian media Anju has a yearold girl and a six-year-old son with her exhusband Arvind Kumar whom she married in . Her new husband works as a medical representative in a pharmaceutical company according to locals .

Anjus case has been in the spotlight as it emerged weeks after Seema Ghulam Haider a woman from Pakistan illegally entered India with her four children after falling in love with a man in the Greater Noida bordering New Delhi . Police providing security say Anju had all her relevant travel documents and she will go back in two or three days to come back to Pakistan .

Anju is due to return to India in the next few days . She said she was safe and had faced no difficulties in her second video message to the media in a second video video of the couple at the mountain top also went viral on social media. She said that she would not make up her mind about the trip in a day or two.

She has not made up her decision to go back to her husband. She added that she is safe and that she did not want to make up any of the comments. She had not made a decision to make a decision. She is not afraid to make her mind. She would not be disturbed by the media.


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